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On the second day of the Congress, October 17, the International Festival of Creative Real Estate Advertising ReFest-2023 will be held within the framework of International Real estate Congress.

The purpose of the ReFest-2023, which is just unique in Russia, is to show the original and creative advertisments in real estate.

The Competition nominations include commertial and online advertising. Hundreds of applicants are assessed by a competent jury and dozens of the best runners-up are represented at the final stage of the competition. The best International creative advertising participants from worldwide will be demonstrated.

The date of the festival is October 17, 2023.


The most vivid, memorable and creative sample of advertising industry in the sphere of real estate will be awarded with Grand prix of the Festival.

Any participant of the ReFest-2023 contest can receive the Grand prix: there is no need to submit a separate application.

The decision to award Grand prix will be made by joint voting of the members of the Organizing Committee and guests of the event

Original, bright, image and creative advertising videos , demonstrating real estate objects, unique advantages or services of a company, or represent its brand are accepted for participation.

Video should be clear, logical and socially correct. The contents must not violate the legislation of Russian Federation. In this nomination, could participate videos that were published online, broadcasted on TV, demonstrated on electronic scoreboards and other media constructions.

Main nominations:

1. The best foreign promotional video for a real estate developer

2. The best foreign advertising video of real estate agency

3. The best foreign advertising video of the Internet portal

4. The best foreign video of the "Smart Home" system

Please send your information and materials to our email-address: refest2022@gmail.com

You need to mention in your e-mail: company name, the country that it represents, contact name and nomination to participate in.

Please pay attention – we accept applications for participation until 1 September 2023 inclusively.

  • Date of video creation and demonstration: not earlier than 1 November 2022
  • Video size: 1920*1080 pixels, full HD, 264 Codec, mpeg4
  • Timing – not more than 180 seconds
  • Maximum video «weight» - 400 MB
  • Video could be sent in the form of hyperlink, in case it was published online (all video materials should be easily reached for downloading from any public cloud storage, hyperlink to video hosting is not enough)
  • Screenshots of the video (not less that 3 items) should be provided in format jpeg, tiff or png , with the picture resolution not less than 300 dpi. Screenshot size should be not less than 1920*1080 pixels
  • Video should be provided with short description (about 1000-1500 characters with spaces) that should show information about video release date and advertising object/project/brand/service. The description should be in a separate text document, the name of which should contain the video name and the company name
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